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Unit 3 – The World’s Population

Posted by Fran Segura on September 18, 2011

Unit Concepts

Esquema de la UnidadEsquema de la unidad 2

Population12Extra resources / PoblaciónMás recursos – AICLE –

Pirámide de población

Human migrationsMigraciones (ppt)

World’s population density rates  by countries

Population World Clock

Movimientos naturales de la poblaciónNoticia (El Mundo) sobre la natalidad en EspañaEspaña pierde población (noticia de El País)

1 – The uneven distribution of the population.

Why is the distribution of the population uneven?
The Earth at Night Map shows over 200 cities. It is a unique perspective of the dark side of our planet. This image reveals night lights as low as a 100 watt bulb to as large and intense as a fire. This night map reveals the spread of man and his technology.
A. What does the photo suggest you? Write a paragraph in your notebook.
B. Read the following article and prepare three questions:

C. Video on Human Geography- PopulationThis video shows how population has increased over time, and where in the world it has increased? What do you notice? This is an example of Human Geography, can you think of any other examples of Human Geography? Video

D. Video on Population Growth
The growing world population affects food and water supplies, ecological balance, and the overall quality of life for everyone. This animation presents a variety of facts and projected statistics to reveal the severity of our growing population. Video

Distribución espacial y crecimiento de la población (vídeo) parte 1parte 2

Demografía (‘Redes’, E. Punset)

Las hijas de Catalina (‘Informe Semanal’)

‘La Noche Temática’

Los desheredados de ManilaHija, tú serás un niñoMujeres de Oriente MedioGrupos violentosDerechos violadosSin infancia

2 – Predicted trends in population growth

What differences can you see between developing countries and developed countries?
3. The demographic transition model
Watch this video and understand how the demographic transition model works:
How does the demographic transition model help explain the five changes in population growth as shown on the diagram?
4. Differences between countries
Why do families in developing countries have four or more children?
Why do families in developed countries have two or fewer children?
5. Overpopulation
What is meant by the term overpopulation?
6. Population structures
What do population pyramids show?
7. China
Do you know what effect has the one-child policy had on China’s population structure?
A incredibly brief overview of some of the results of China’s “One-Child” Policy.
8. The problems of an ageing population
What are some problems created by an increase in life expectancy for people in the over-65 age group?
Watch this video and answer the following questions:
1. What is this video about?
2. What are the consequences of the ageing population?
3. Why do governments spend so much money in the old people?
4. What are the positive and “funny” aspects of having too many old people?
5. What is your opinion on “Ageing Population”?
9. Migration
What is the difference between an emigrant and an immigrant?
10. Rural-urban migration
What are rural push factors and urban pull factors?
11. How migration affects different countries
Why do a developed country need foreign workers?
12. Refugees and illegal immigrants
What is the difference between a refugee and an illegal immigrant?

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